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Ukrainian Navy lists legitimate targets in occupied Crimea

Tuesday, 24 October 2023, 12:51
Ukrainian Navy lists legitimate targets in occupied Crimea
The Zaliv Shipbuilding Yard in Kerch. Photo: BlackSeaNews

Ship-building and repair plants in the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea which serve the Russian army and are part of the Russian military-industrial complex are legitimate targets for the Ukrainian Defence Forces.

Source: Captain Dmytro Pletenchuk, spokesman for the Ukrainian Navy, in an interview with Ukrinform

Quote: "At least we can speak of the Lyman plant in Kerch, which built and launched a new Karakurt-class missile ship Cyclone," Pletenchuk said, as quoted by Ukrinform.


"They built it a little bit clumsily, as usual, and for 2 years it could not pass the tests to launch cruise missiles. There was information that they had even loaded the missiles but never launched them from the vessel. This ship will soon be in service for six months without state tests.

Now the Russians are testing another such vessel, which was also built and launched there, but it has not been accepted into service. In addition, a third such vessel is being completed."

"Hence, as you can see, production efforts continue there, and they are using our facilities, which appeared to be even more technological than the Russian ones," Ukrinform quotes.


Details: Pletenchuk said that there are other locations in Feodosiia, and there is more than one ship-building and repair plant in Crimea.

"All of them are indicated on the map, in Wikipedia, and, of course, the enemy is using them all. Therefore, such enterprises are remaining legitimate targets, as they are the enemy logistics, enemy infrastructure and, in fact, they are part of Russia’s military and industrial complex, and are working for the benefit of the Russian army. All these targets are legitimate for Ukraine," Pletenchuk stressed.

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