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Ukraine bans 16 Russian media resources

Thursday, 9 November 2023, 17:44

The National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting has extended the list of media resources forbidden in Ukraine. Another 16 services of the aggressor state were added to the list.

Source: National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine

Details: After monitoring and studying the materials, the regulator has come to the conclusion that they meet the demands of Section XI of the Law of Ukraine On the Media and cannot be broadcast in Ukraine.


The following resources were added to the list:

  • 24TV;
  • Amediateka;
  • Baskino;
  • Filmix;
  • Kinokrad;
  • Kinotochka;
  • KinoZapas;
  • Kion;
  • Viju;
  • GidOnline;
  • Laim HD TV – besplatnoe onlain TV (Laim HD TV – free online TV);
  • Smotreshka;
  • Trikolor Kino i TV onlain;
  • Tsifrovoe TV 20 kanalov besplatno (Digital TV and 20 Free Channels).

The decision to ban the resources was made on the grounds of the inappropriate ownership structure of these subjects and their focus on the territory and audience of the aggressor state.

The National Council established that Russian domain names are used for granting access to these services, and the default language of the interface is Russian. Moreover, the terms of usage and politics of these media services are based on the national legislation of Russia.

The Council adds that the audience from the aggressor state is also the main target audience of the ads these resources publish. In addition to this, an individual included in a list of persons posing a threat to the national security of Ukraine is a participant in some programmes broadcasted by these resources in Ukraine.

In total, 22 media resources were added to the list of services of the aggressor state.

Background: Earlier, it was reported that about 5% of media websites have no Ukrainian analogue.

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