Strike on Dzhankoi airfield: Ukraine's intelligence reports hitting 4 Russian S-400 systems

VALENTYNA ROMANENKO — Thursday, 18 April 2024, 12:59

Four S-400 surface-to-air missile systems and a number of other targets were hit as a result of the Ukrainian Defense Forces' strike on a military airfield in Dzhankoi, temporarily occupied Crimea.

Source: Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) 

Quote: "Information from DIU: On 17 April 2024, as a result of a successful operation by the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the military airfield in the city of Dzhankoi in temporarily occupied Crimea, the following were destroyed or critically damaged:

  • Four S-400 surface-to-air missile systems;
  • Three radar stations;
  • An air defence assets command post;
  • Fundament-M air defence command and control system."

Details: It is noted that the number of Russian aircraft facilities hit or destroyed and the casualty count among the personnel of the Russian occupying army is still being established.


  • On the night of Wednesday 16-17 April, explosions were heard near the military airfield in Dzhankoi in temporarily occupied Crimea.
  • Atesh (the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar underground resistance movement in temporarily occupied Crimea) announced that a series of strikes carried out on the Dzhankoi airfield on the night of 16-17 April were successful.
  • In his evening address on 17 April, President Zelenskyy confirmed the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ strike on the Russian airfield in Dzhankoi.

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