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Finnish president visits Estonia and discusses assistance to Ukraine

Tuesday, 28 May 2024, 08:08
Finnish president visits Estonia and discusses assistance to Ukraine
Alexander Stubb at a press conference in Kyiv on 3 April 2024. Stock photo: Office of the President of Ukraine

Finnish President Alexander Stubb has visited Estonia on a working visit, where, among other things, he discussed assistance to Ukraine.

Source: Finnish public service media company Yle, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Stubb expressed the belief that all security policy should focus on supporting Ukraine. In his opinion, Europe is lagging behind in providing military assistance to Kyiv. 


Quote: "Talk of sending troops [to Ukraine] is speculation at this stage and Finland's position has not changed. Finland will do everything it can to ensure that Ukraine wins." 

On the agenda of Stubb's visit to Estonia were bilateral relations between the countries, security and defence, as well as energy issues and critical infrastructure. 

During a joint press conference with his Estonian counterpart, Alar Karis, Stubb noted that they also discussed Russia's hybrid attacks, events in Georgia and the importance of supporting Ukraine.



  • Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo stated that Russia may be testing NATO member countries along its western border, where Moscow has intensified provocations towards neighbouring Alliance member states.
  • He said this after Russian border guards had removed buoys marking the navigable channel from Estonian waters on the Narva River. Estonia is awaiting explanations regarding this matter.
  • EU diplomat Josep Borrell said the European Union expected Russia to explain the removal of buoys on the Estonian-Russian border on the Narva River and demanded that they be immediately returned to their place. 
  • On Tuesday, 21 May, a draft law was noticed on the Russian government's website indicating its plans to unilaterally change maritime borders with its neighbours in the Baltic Sea. After the proposal gained attention, it was removed from the website.

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