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Russian forces launch cruise missiles from bombers - head of Vinnytsia region

The head of the Vinnytsia Regional Military Administration, Serhiy Borzov, has said that 7 March held one of the longest airstrikes yet, as the Russian Air Force launched cruise missiles from bombers.

Russian attack on Vinnytsia airport: 6 people wounded and 9 bodies found in the wreckage

6 people have been rescued from under the wreckage of buildings at the territory of the airport "Vinnytsia". 9 bodies have also been recovered.

Rocket strike on Vinnytsya airport: 6 people remain under debris

A Rocket strike on Vinnytsya airport wounded and killed both servicemen and civilians, but the local government cannot yet confirm the numbers. Six people remain under the debris.

Enemy attacks Vinnytsya from Black Sea, number of victims to be confirmed

One person killed in missile attack on Vinnytsia airport

Vinnytsia airport attacked from Transnistria – journalist

Vinnytsia airport was attacked from the territory of Transnistria (a breakaway region of Moldova controlled by Russian ‘peacekeeping’ forces – ed.), according to journalist Andriy Tsyplenko.

Russian troops launch missile attack near Vinnytsia