Вторник, 26 ноября 2013, 18:47

The leaders of Euromaidans in Kyiv – one on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence square) and another on Evropeiska Ploscha (European square) proclaimed unity in a common statement released by the leaders of opposition and the protest organizers.

"Today hundreds of thousands of our fellow  citizens came to the European Square and Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv, and to the dozens of other Euromaidans’ in different cities of Ukraine to support the idea of European association’, - says the statement.

"Squares and streets of our cities have become a common freedom space in Ukraine where everyone can express one’s opinion and demonstrate one’s attitude towards the steps of the Ukrainian government."

Euromaidan leaders state that European integration united different people all over the country "members of opposition parties and non-partisan, those under party flags and those without, entrepreneurs and students, youth and our honored veterans."

"The idea of European integration symbolically united the two iconic places of our capital – Maidan Nezalezgnosti, a symbol of Ukraine, and European Square, which symbolizes Ukraine in Europe. It is a symbol of unity in the name of European integration.

"Today there are forces trying to plant animosity among us and divide us, but it won’t work. We are different, but we stand united," said the leaders of Euromaidan.

"We politicians and public activists will coordinate our actions and will provide mutual support, assuring protection of the rally participants, reporting daily about our future steps," they stated.

The leaders are grateful to all those who come and help people to assert their rights, at the same time issuing a call for more help with clothes and food.

"Spread the word and disseminate information about what is happening to those without access to internet or objective information", according to the statement.

Common statement was signed by leaders of opposition Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Vitaliy Klitchko, Oleg Tyagnybok and Maidan rally organizers.

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