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Londongrad 2: Ukrainska Pravda finds a Ukrainian politician's relative at the home of a Russian oligarch

Friday, 8 September 2023, 17:35

Episode 1 of the Londongrad investigation caused a considerable stir, but mainly among so-called Russian liberals.

But part two of the story about Russian oligarchs and their London assets has every chance of resonating with the Ukrainian public - not necessarily because of the vast amounts of property these Russian oligarchs own, but because some of them have links to Ukrainian politicians.

Find out more in the new Londongrad 2 story.


Written and presented by: Mykhailo Tkach

Directed by: Andrii Ihnatenko

Director of photography: Yaroslav Bondarenko

Sound engineer: Dmytro Kozyrenko

Editor-analyst: Kateryna Kapliuk

Subtitle translation: Artem Yakymyshyn, Yuliia Kravchenko and Yelyzaveta Khodatska

Subtitle editing: Teresa Pearce

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