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Russia is capable of producing 400-500 Shahed attack drones per month

Components from €13 French fans discovered in Russian guided bombs

A story of hope: Ukrainska Pravda tracks down legendary granny Baba Nadia from Myhalky, who told the Russians where to go

"There's a child in the morgue. We don't know if it's ours." How the village of Hroza is coping after the mass killing, as it prepares for the victims' funerals

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo from the Territorial Defence Forces: It's thanks to Ukraine that Russian chaos agents were exposed

The secret IT specialist in Chornobaivka, HIMARS, the drunkenly mislaid USB flash drive, and Dzharylhach Island: how Ukrainian partisans are helping to liberate Ukraine

"We are not afraid, we have sailed home." Ukrainska Pravda on high water and evacuation in Kherson

Camped out on the roof overnight: what the evacuation of Kherson looks like

"Look for me, for I might die very soon." Story of National Guard soldier who came back from the dead and has been named Hero of Ukraine

"Hell has come to you." Will the village of Peremoha celebrate Victory Day after Russian occupation?

Kraken attacks: the story of the Defence Intelligence unit that the Russians have demonised

In April 2022, Intelligence Directorate Chief took part in liberation of Ruska Lozova, Kharkiv Oblast

Azov veterans, ultras and Kharkiv volunteers received weapons from Defence Intelligence caches before Russian invasion

Ukrainian Kraken Regiment show their small arms and revolver grenade launchers

Davyd Petrovych vs. Goliath: The gradual revival of the devastated village of Moshchun, a year on from the Russian invasion

Bakhmut, the eyes of the wounded, and the victorious. How Mufti Said Ismagilov went to save Ukraine with a gun and the Quran

"We need F-16s." An interview with Ukrainian pilot Karaya about the enemy, unmanned aircraft, Top Gun and faith in God

"We are neither gods nor heroes, this is simply our job". Interview with 22-year-old search and rescuer Yurii Lozynskyi