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Olena Roshchina

News editor
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Russia suggests that China and North Korea conduct joint naval "training"

National Agency on Corruption Prevention opens access to Register of Corrupt Officials, but some data classified

Defence Minister submits his resignation. State Property Fund Head is preparing to replace him

11 children previously held in occupied part of Kherson Oblast brought back to Ukraine

Russian hackers try to extract battle plans from Ukrainian soldiers' devices

Leader of Ukraine's ruling party has not ruled out extradition for Ukrainians who left the country illegally

Who are we fighting for if people are not here? Zelenskyy on refugees' return

Ukraine needs to ensure accessibility for 1.5 million people Zelenskyy

Belarus is not ready to use nuclear weapons, but it is training Defence Intelligence chief

Zaluzhnyi speaks with US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff about increasing air defence and F-16s

Zelenskyy will run for office if elections are held during war: "I won't abandon Ukraine"

Ukraine's Foreign Minister on how group of 31 soldiers made offensive on Robotyne possible

Russia denies Brazil's participation in investigation of Prigozhin's plane crash

Odesa: 8 missiles shot down over sea overnight

Ukrainian defenders destroy 43 out of 44 air targets during night attack

Debris in cemetery, fire and destruction: aftermath of Russian attack in Kyiv Oblast

Two people have been killed in a Russian missile attack on the city of Kyiv on Wednesday morning.

Defenders raise Ukrainian flag near Oleshky on left bank of Kherson Oblast