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Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant cooling pond full despite critical water level in Kakhovka reservoir

Water level in Kakhovka Reservoir continues to decrease, falling by one more metre

Hackers broke websites of Moscow provider and number of Russian companies: they wish success to Ukraine's Armed Forces

Water level in Kakhovka Reservoir falls below "dead point": water intake is impossible

Millions of tonnes of crops might be lost to flooding in south of Ukraine

State Investigation Bureau detains former Ukrainian MP who cooperated with Russian military-industrial complex

Flooding causes about 20,000 consumers in Kherson and oblast to be disconnected from electricity

Blowing up of Kakhovka HPP: the only state-run sturgeon breeding plant completely flooded

Ukrenergo explains how explosion of Kakhovka HPP affects energy system

In one day, water level in Kakhovka reservoir decreased by 2.5 metres

Ukrainian State Restoration Agency will build water pipes in cities and villages affected by blowing up of Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant

About 10,000 hectares of fields flooded on Dnipro right bank in Kherson Oblast due to hydroelectric power plant explosion

Ukraine and Czechia agree on joint repair of T-64 tanks

New plant will be built very quickly on site of destroyed Kakhovka HPP

Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers announces main priorities following explosion at Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant

Power system operating stably despite blowing up of Kakhovka HPP

Ukraine's Security Service opens criminal case over blowing up of Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant

Russians damage building of Imperial Tobacco plant during attack – Forbes