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Russia expands unfriendly countries list

Ukrainian drones to be among world's best: National Security Council Secretary explains why

Offensives in the south of Ukraine are slowed by undergrowth – UK intelligence

Blowing up of Kakhovka HPP: US$124 million allocated from state budget to overcome consequences

Finest hour for the defence industry. How can Ukraine produce more weapons?

US senators introduce bill on response to energy security crisis in Ukraine and Europe

No breakthrough with NATO aircraft occurred: Russia does not block Ukrainian ports on Danube

Israeli vessel ignores Russia's "blockade" in Black Sea, followed by vessels from Greece and Türkiye

Croatia donates €1 million for mine clearance of Ukrainian agricultural lands

Russia seizes Ukrainian oligarch's assets for allegedly financing Ukraine's Armed Forces

Ukraine receives over 500 powerful Tesla Powerwall batteries

US transfers $1.25 billion in grant funds to Ukraine

Ukraine repairs 100% of thermal generation facilities damaged by Russian attacks

Problem at power unit at Kursk Nuclear Power Plant that Russia uses for military purposes

Rheinmetall completes training of Ukrainians to work at new plant in Ukraine

Finest hour for the defence industry. How can Ukraine produce more weapons?

Russians put Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant unit 4 into hot shutdown mode – IAEA

Russian authorities close Kerch Strait for their citizens, now passage is open only for military forces