Omelyan: Train to Connect Kyiv and Izmail in August

Friday, 22 July 2016, 11:42

Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan announced a new train route to connect Kyiv and Izmail in an interview to Ekonomichna Pravda.

"I want to focus Chief of Ukrainian Railways Balchun on launching a direct railway route between Kyiv and Izmail. It will reduce the time of travel, as we did with Kyiv-Kherson and Kyiv-Mykolaiv. However, we always need to make an extra effort," Omelian stressed. If Ukrainian Railways has the respective technical capacity, the new route can be launched in August.

He considers the new route will be highly demanded, as almost all the southern routes show near-100% occupancy.

In June, Ukrainian Railways launched Intercity express train to connect Kyiv and Kherson. In July, the express route from Kyiv to Mykolaiv started.

Source: Ekonomichna Pravda

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