Academic Database to Combat Plagiarism Set to Launch

Tuesday, 26 July 2016, 17:04

A beta version of the unified database of academic texts is to be launched by September 2016, Interfax-Ukraine cites First Deputy Education Minister Inna Sovsun.

"We expect to launch a beta version of repository by early September and start uploading theses that are available online now. Our primary task is to launch the beta version within one-two months. Then we will focus on filling it and improving search options," Sovsun explained.

So far, no unified national database of texts is available in Ukraine to compare research entries and prevent plagiarism.

First, the theses defended after 2014 will be uploaded to the new repository. Theses defended earlier will follow later along with articles from science magazines and even student papers.

"We will benefit from our partnership with Microsoft Ukraine and develop the software for the database for only ₴180,000 ($7,200). In the coming months, we will pay ₴20,000 ($800) for revision and maintenance of the database, but the universities and research institutions will be able to use it for free," Sovsun said.

This endeavor is based on the Government’s decision to create a national repository of academic texts to combat plagiarism.

The topic of plagiarism appeared on public discourse after Kateryna Kovalenko, wife of Vice Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, was caught plagiarizing her Doctor’s thesis and other papers. This story was widely broadcasted. Kyrylenko rejected these accusations and asserted they were a part of ‘dirty political campaign’ against her husband.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda.Life

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