One-Stop-Shop for Customs to Be Launched on August 1

Wednesday, 27 July 2016, 11:00

On July 25, the Finance Ministry approved all necessary documents to launch a ‘one-stop-shop’ concept for the customs service starting from August 1, the Ministry informs.

This initiative aims to speed up foreign economic trade, as the authorities will have only four hours to take the respective decisions. If no decision is made after four hours, clearance will be granted automatically.

Moreover, the ‘one-stop-shop’ concept decreases the expenses for businesses, as customs clearance will be less time-consuming. It also helps to prevent corruption. Finally, it provides for more efficient resource management, because all state control bodies will review the goods simultaneously.

The ‘one-stop-shop’ concept will be applied at 192 cargo customs clearance sites and at 47 automated checkpoints to control transfer of radioactive materials.

Source: Ekonomichna Pravda

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