Writer Zhadan Receives Ukrainian Book of the Year Award from Poroshenko

Saturday, 30 July 2016, 11:47

Writer Serhiy Zhadan received the Ukrainian Book of the Year Award from President Petro Poroshenko for his novel Mesopotamia. A corresponding decree was published on the Presidential website on Saturday, July 30.

Zhadan received the award in the category ‘For outstanding achievements in literature’. Family Leisure Club publishing house where Mesopotamia was published in 2014 was also awarded.

Halyna Stelmashchuk, the author of Ukrainian Traditional Headgear, as well as Apriori publishing house that published her book, received the award for ‘Outstanding contribution to the Development of Ukrainian Studies’. Vitaliy Rohozha, the author of Petro Sahaydachnyi, a novel which is the first part of a trilogy and Sammit Knyha publishing house received an award for ‘Contribution to the education of the younger generation.’

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda Zhyttia

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