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Shokin Denies Having a Common-Law Wife Who Owns Elite Property

Saturday, 30 July 2016, 14:54

Former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin denies information published in a journalistic investigation on the estates of his de facto family, in particular, an estate that is registered in the name of his child, he said on 112 Ukrayina, Radio Svoboda writes.

Shokin says he has no common-law wife and "has been a desirable groom for the past 12 years." He said that has nothing to do with the property mentioned in the ‘Schemes’ TV show, and added that he thinks the investigation was ‘commissioned’ and he knows ‘who would do that.’

Schemes journalist Natalie Sedletska wrote on Facebook that Shokin is ‘threatening to sue.’ She said: "We are ready to meet in court, if it comes to this. Both the article and the TV story are full of factual documents… We have several more files we can publish in case we need to bring this to court." Sedletska attached the deed of gift, where Shokin transfers the ownership of one of his estates to his then-one-year-old daughter, just before starting in his position as a Prosecutor General.


Source: Ukrayinska Pravda