Controversial Prosecutor ‘Paid £120,000 for His Daughter’s Studies in England’

Thursday, 18 August 2016, 13:36

Ex-Deputy Prosecutor of Kyivska Oblast Oleksandr Korniets paid £120,000 for his daughter Anastasia’s studies in the UK, Novoye Vremya cites an enquiry of the National Crime Agency.

In particular, the so-called ‘diamond prosecutor’ paid over £75,000 for her education in Heathfield St Mary School in London and £39,000 for her Math and Finance Bachelor studies in Queen Mary University.

At the same time, in 2014 Korniets declared only a ₴200,000 salary (£6,070), while his wife – also a Kyivska Oblast prosecutor’s office employee – earned only ₴67,000.

In addition to formal training, Anastasia also attended tennis classes (costing £800), performing arts classes (£200) and other activities.

Korniets hesitates to provide information about his daughter and her studies in England. He only told that she had returned to Ukraine, got a job in state military company and was dismissed from there later on.

Now she is summoned to the prosecutor’s office along with her father. The main question is why her studies were paid from the account of an offshore company Docktown Merchants headed by Erik Vanagels – the same person who headed offshore companies through which the Ukrainian government bought the overpriced ‘Boyko drilling platforms.’

The Korniets case has been considered by Holosiivskyi District Court of Kyiv since January. According to him, the process goes slowly, for which he blames the prosecution.

Korniets was detained in July 2015 allegedly for having solicited a huge bribe. During a search at his house, 35 bags with diamonds were found, which resulted in his nickname ‘the diamond prosecutor.’

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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IP: 95.132.42.---kerubino19.08.2016 18:01
Покажіть хоч одного прокурора в Украіні ,щоб був чесний і не брав взяток ?Вся ця сволота наживалась на горі громадян ,вони захищали ще більшу сволоту ,ніж самі ,з вищох посадовців ,які дерибанили краіну і ті, що там зараз сидять такі самі корупціонери .
IP: 93.75.72.---Nikus18.08.2016 17:42
Принцип, что природа на детях отдыхает, а особенно на детях прокурорских мразей, никто не отменял. Будущему этих дитяток не позавидуешь. Гульки, феррари, майами, кокс. Это их суперобразование "Не в коня корм". Все натыренные папашей бабки просрет и не вздохнет!
IP: 141.0.12.---petrius18.08.2016 15:02
Эти твари коррупционные везде одинаковые - гадят на своей родине, а детям хотят дать лучшее из тех стран где ненагажено, где избавились от таких подонков. Вспомните этого клоуна Азарова - кричит на митинге, что "нам на нужна Гейропа", а у самого сын в Австрии.
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