Four Russian fighter jets violate Swedish airspace

Wednesday, 2 March 2022, 21:36

Four Russian fighters violated Swedish airspace on Wednesday.

This was announced in a statement on the Swedish Armed Forces' website.

Two Russian Su-27s and two Su-24s violated Swedish airspace in the east of the island of Gotland.

Swedish Jas 39 Gripen fighters were alerted and documented the incident by taking photographs. The violation did not last long.

"This case demonstrates that our readiness is good. We were there to ensure the territorial integrity and borders of Sweden. We are in full control of the situation. We are very concerned about the situation that has arisen. These are unprofessional and irresponsible actions done by the Russian Federation," said Air Force Commander Karl-Johan Edström.

It should be recalled that the head of the Swedish Foreign Ministry, Ann Linde, announced the allocation of 47 million euros for humanitarian support to Ukraine.

In addition, Sweden is transferring 5,000 Pansarskott 86 anti-tank grenade launchers, 5,000 units of body armour, 5,000 helmets and 135,000 dry rations to Ukraine.

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