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France to participate in Peace Summit in Switzerland

Ukrainian Peace Summit set to be held in Switzerland in mid-June

Peace summit in Switzerland planned for mid-June – Bloomberg

China considers participating in "peace summit" in Switzerland

Swiss Parliament advocates Ukraine's financing with Russian assets

Swiss parliament calls on government to increase mine clearance efforts in Ukraine

Switzerland joins 13th EU sanctions package

Ukraine invites Xi Jinping to Global Peace Summit in Switzerland – Ukrainian President's Office

Chinese PM decides not to meet with Zelenskyy in Davos – Politico

This year has to become decisive, Putin's ambitions are doomed – Zelenskyy at Davos Forum

Zelenskyy meets with NATO Secretary General in Davos – video, photo

We'll see – Zelenskyy on China's participation in Peace Formula Summit

Zelenskyy arrives in Switzerland to participate in Davos forum – photo

Ukrainian President's Office gives details of Zelenskyy's visit to Switzerland

Second five points of Peace Formula discussed in Davos

Zelenskyy on Peace Formula meeting in Davos: We reduce confidence of murderers

Zelenskyy goes to Switzerland

Umierov proposes to create international group to withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine

World Economic Forum hosts meeting of advisers on Ukraine's Peace Formula – photo

World Economic Forum announces Zelenskyy's participation

Zelenskyy plans visit to Switzerland next week

Swiss Confederation President arrives in Ukraine

Switzerland permits tank delivery to Germany, stipulating they must not be given to Ukraine

Switzerland to investigate reports of Swiss ammunition being supplied to Ukraine

Switzerland agrees to send Russia to special tribunal

Head of Ukraine's leading political party criticises Switzerland for its position on arms for Ukraine

Fifth of Russian spies in Europe are in Switzerland

Switzerland allocates €103.5 million for mine clearance in Ukraine for 4 years

Former MP's daughter comes back to Kyiv after her husband was spotted at Russian oligarch's villa in Geneva

Switzerland joins register of damage caused by Russia against Ukraine