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Kherson: Russia is causing humanitarian disaster, 'green corridor' urgently needed

Thursday, 3 March 2022, 16:54

Thursday, 3 March 2022, 17:54

Russian troops have blockaded Kherson in southern Ukraine, creating a humanitarian crisis in the city. Local authorities are asking for a ‘green corridor’ to be designated in order to deliver supplies of medicine and food.

Source: Regional reporters for Ukrainian media


Details: As of 3 March, the Russian blockade of Kherson is in its third day. The city’s mayor has declared a humanitarian crisis. Local authorities are calling on the government and the military to create a ‘green corridor’ [safe passage].

Russian troops entered the city on 1 March. They immediately started shelling residential buildings and firing at civilians’ vehicles and local residents. According to information obtained by local reporters, over 40 people have died – among them both territorial defence fighters and civilians.

On 2 March, Russian troops burned the Fabrika shopping centre. The same day, they shelled the town hall and the Security Service building.

On the night of 3 March, the sounds of Grad missile launcher strikes could be heard although it is unclear who launched them. The invaders have also stormed the Regional State Administration building and the premises of the local branch of Suspilne [Ukrainian media and broadcasting organisation]. When the Russian troops forced their way into the broadcaster’s premises, none of the staff were on site; however, local residents were found in the building’s bomb shelter. The invaders let these civilians go and mined the surrounding territory.

Russian troops have also blocked the Chornobavska poultry factory and its 3 million chickens. There is currently no electricity at the factory, and staff are not allowed to feed the chickens. The factory owners promise to give away nearly a million eggs if the roads to the factory are unblocked.

In the Holoprystan district, 620 people with diabetes urgently require insulin. Lack of access to medicine is widespread throughout the entire region.

Reporters also note that Russian equipment from Crimea continues to arrive in the region and is placed among residential buildings. Meanwhile, Russian soldiers are looting the local shops.

Local authorities are urging residents to be careful and not to provoke armed people.

Earlier: According to Kherson Mayor Igor Kolykhayev, when the "armed representatives" spoke with the city council they agreed how the city would be run under occupation. However, the mayor denies that these talks amounted to negotiations. 

Context: The Kherson Regional State Administration notes that Russian media has spread fake news claiming the Kherson region has submitted requests to "accede to Russia."