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More than 80% of Poles support government policy with helping Ukraine

Sunday, 19 February 2023, 14:33

The vast majority of Polish citizens supports actions of the Law and Justice political party and the government’s policy of helping Ukraine on the international scene.

Source: poll conducted by United Surveys for Wirtualna Polska

Details: Respondents have been asked how they would estimate "policy and actions of the Law and Justice at the international scene regarding the support for Ukraine and helping it achieve victory in the war with Russia".


As per the results, up to 80.4% of respondents approve such a policy, including 32.5% who see it as "extremely good" and 47.9%, which is almost half, – as "rather good".

The opposite opinion has been expressed by 11.1% of respondents. 9.2% of them believe that the actions taken by above-mentioned political party is "rather bad" in this matter, and only 1.9% of people went even further by stating that these actions had to be evaluated as "extremely bad".

Another 8.5% of respondents in Poland could not give a certain answer.


Quote from Wirtualna Polska: "Such unambiguous results are extremely rare that also shows how great the support of coalition against Russian occupiers actually is. And the Polish government undoubtedly has played one of the most crucial parts in it."

For reference: The survey was conducted on 3-5 February 2023 with the use of CAWI&CATI method in 50/50 ratio.
Background: As per the survey conducted in December 2022, 78% of Polish citizens agreed with the fact that the war in Ukraine was a threat to Poland’s security.

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