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Relationship "strong like rock": Russian media happily quote Chinese top diplomat in Moscow

Tuesday, 21 February 2023, 17:00
Relationship strong like rock: Russian media happily quote Chinese top diplomat in Moscow

Russian propaganda mouthpiece RIA Novosti covered the visit of Wang Yi, the senior Chinese diplomat, to Moscow and his meeting with Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Security Council. 

Source: RIA Novosti on Telegram 

Details: According to the announcement, on the meeting with Patrushev, Wang Yi stated that in the conditions of "unstable situation", it is important to "coordinate action" in the world of Moscow and Beijing, while the Chinese-Russian relationship is "strong like a rock" and will "withstand any challenge" posed by the instability on the international scene. 


Patrushev, on the other hand, stated that the deepening of the Chinese-Russian coordination on the international arena has acquired an important meaning, while their course on tightening the strategic partnership with China is undoubtedly a priority for Russia.

Wang Yi in Moscow
photo: RIA Novosti


  • On 20 February, Wang Yi came to Moscow. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Chinese top diplomat will carry out a "in-depth exchange of thoughts with the Russian side in regards to a new stage of development of Chinese-Russian relationship."
  • On 21 February, The Wall Street Journal, with reference to its sources, reported that Xi Jinping himself planned to visit Russia in the upcoming months. 

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