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Inside the room on Bankova Street where Zelenskyy has lived since the invasion started

Saturday, 25 February 2023, 12:15

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has revealed for the first time where he has been living since the start of the Russian invasion. 

Source: A documentary by Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Komarov; Tabloid (Ukrainian outlet)

In the documentary, the president gave Komarov and his cameraman a tour of his apartment on Bankova Street in central Kyiv and showed them his military wardrobe and the photograph on his desk.


On the morning of 24 February, the president went immediately to Bankova. His wife and children later joined him, as it was too dangerous for them to stay at home.

Zelenskyy has been living in one of the rooms in the President’s Administration ever since.


"I had what I wore to go to the front, I have a small wardrobe here. It's all the same clothes," said Zelenskyy, who swapped his business suit for khaki clothes in the early days of the full-scale invasion.


A jacket that is waiting for Ukraine’s victory, when its owner will wear it again


"This is my home. I’ve been living here for a year", Zelenskyy told Komarov as he showed him his room.

Zelenskyy’s modest living space for the duration of the war
But where is the bunker?
The photograph that stands on Zelenskyy’s desk is of him dressed as Superman, together with his wife and children.

When Komarov remarked on how the president’s appearance has changed over the course of the war, especially his eyes, Zelenskyy replied, "I can’t give orders to my eyes. It is what it is."

In July 2020, Zelenskyy and his family moved into a state-owned dacha in the settlement of Koncha-Zaspa, causing outrage in Ukraine.

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