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Russians want to hunt animals in Dzharylhak National Nature Park in Kherson Oblast

Monday, 27 March 2023, 13:07

Russians intend to shoot wild animals and engage in the restaurant business in Dzharylhak National Nature Park, in the temporarily occupied Skadovsk district in Kherson Oblast.

Source: Journalistic Research Centre

Journalistic Research Centre reports that, according to the registration documents of the Russians, in February, the occupiers illegally registered the Dzharylhak National Nature Park under Russian legislation.


The so-called "Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Kherson Oblast" has appointed Russian citizen Sergey Stramnov as the park's director.

Mouflons. Photo: JRC

The registration documents state that the main activity of the national park is "hunting, trapping and shooting of wild animals".

Additionally, the occupiers want to allow fishing, clay and salt mining, construction, transportation of passengers by water transport, tour services and restaurant business.

"Similar activities were prescribed by the occupiers for other captured nature protection institutions in Kherson Oblast," Journalistic Research Centre writes.

Red fox. Photo: pimleijen/Depositphotos

According to Ivan Moisiyenko, Vice-Dean of Kherson State University, Serhii Suvorov, the deputy director and ex-chief of the State Inspectorate in Kherson Oblast, became a traitor to the national park.

"Another collaborationist was Kirin Dmytro Leonidovych, the deputy director of the Nizhnyodniprovskyi National Nature Park. Both he and Suvorov were removed from their positions, and before the liberation of the right-bank Kherson Oblast on 11 November 2022, both fled to the occupied territory," Ivan Moisiyenko added.

Background: Russian invaders are shooting birds in Kherson Oblast that are included in the Red List.

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