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Three Russian MiG jets leave Belarus for Russia

Thursday, 6 April 2023, 13:02
Three Russian MiG jets leave Belarus for Russia

Three MiG-31K fighter jets have taken off from Belarus for Russia.

Source: Belaruski Hajun, an independent Belarusian military monitoring media outlet; Yurii Ihnat, Spokesperson for Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in a comment to Ukrainska Pravda

Details: The three potential carriers of the Kinzhal air-to-ground hypersonic missiles are aircraft with registration numbers RF-92215, RF-92445 and RF-95194.


They have been in Belarus since 13 December 2022.

As a rule, the taking-off of these fighters causes an air-raid warning to be issued throughout Ukraine.

At the same time, Ihnat explained to UP that an air-raid warning is issued depending on the airspace situation and the threat of weapons being used.

Quote: "Russia has the entire country on edge whenever MiGs take off. At the moment, these fighter jets are probably flying to Russia, so no warning was issued."

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