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Ukrainian volunteers create Trembita missile

Monday, 1 May 2023, 04:50
Ukrainian volunteers create Trembita missile

Volunteer engineers are developing the Trembita combat missile with an effective range of 140 km.

Source: Militarnyi

Quote: "The work is conducted by the engineers from the PARS volunteer design bureau and with the participation of volunteers from theVidsich (Rebuff) сivic movement.


Designers plan to create a small cruise missile with a pulsejet engine.

The missile is planned to be used to destroy objects and exhaust the enemy’s anti-aircraft defences."

Quote from the developers: "Our simple missile is incomparably cheaper than projectiles of the enemy’s anti-aircraft missile systems."


Details: It is stated that the missile is capable of hitting targets at a range of 140 kilometers.

According to the plans, a salvo launch of 20 such missiles will allow Ukrainians to overcome Russia's air defence and hit targets at a significant range.

The volunteers want to launch the production of individual parts and components of the missile throughout Ukraine, using garage workshops.

Declared characteristics of the Trembita missile:

  • Weight: 100 kg;
  • Warhead weight: 20 kg;
  • Effective range: over 140 km;
  • Speed: over 400 km/h;
  • Maximum flight altitude: 2000 m;
  • Minimum flight altitude: 30 m;
  • Engine: 30 l.

The rocket engine has no moving parts, is simple to manufacture, and runs on gasoline. It will be launched from a pneumatic catapult.

The warhead can contain a thermobaric charge or a combined 20-kg high-explosive charge.

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