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Olha Hlushchenko

news editor of "Ukrainska Pravda"
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Ukrainian Defenders kill 460 Russian soldiers and destroy 37 UAVs in one day

Heavy Russian drone attack on Odesa Oblast: Ukrainian air defence destroys 17 Shahed UAVs

Ukraine's aircraft launch 5 strikes on Russian anti-aircraft systems General Staff report

Russians want to increase and speed up mobilisation by "elections" in temporarily occupied territories

Ukrainian Defence Forces advance near Bakhmut and Zaporizhzhia Oblast ISW

Russians attack Sumy Oblast with unguided rockets and drop mines

Russian drones attack Odesa Oblast for 3 hours, air defence responds

Moscow airports halt operations

Russian Defence Ministry claims to have shot down drones over Black Sea

Warehouse ablaze in Moscow Oblast, 1,200 square metres on fire

Defenders kill 76 and wound 170 Russians on Tavriia front Commander in Tavriia

Ukrainian Defence Forces kill 470 more Russian soldiers and destroy 23 tanks

Russia once again claims UAV attack in Kursk Oblast and near Moscow

Moscow airports halt operations, dozens of flights cancelled

Ukraine's Air Force hits clusters of Russian military personnel 14 times General Staff report

UN Secretary-General sends letter to Russian Foreign Minister with proposals to resume grain deal

Ukrainian Defence Forces advance on two fronts ISW

Pentagon orders AMRAAM missiles for Ukraine