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Air Force responds to idea of resuming flights to Ukraine: Russian missiles flying everywhere

Friday, 28 July 2023, 10:38
Air Force responds to idea of resuming flights to Ukraine: Russian missiles flying everywhere
Closed airspace over Ukraine. Screenshot from

The Air Force is sceptical about the possibility of resuming civil aviation flights in Ukraine during martial law.

Source: Colonel Yurii Ihnat, spokesperson for the Air Force of Ukraine, on air of Ukraine's national 24/7 newscast

Quote: "Here, [in Ukraine,] it is difficult to understand how it is possible to conduct flights at all in a state of war. You see, we had a grain corridor from which Russia single-handedly withdrew. Will they negotiate with Russia so that it does not attack humanitarian aviation corridors?


Today, all airfields in Ukraine (we have dozens of different airfields for various purposes) are operational. We have a war, we have martial law, and you see that missiles and enemy drones can appear everywhere, in any part of the country.

Everyone knows perfectly well how long the Kinzhal missile flies. Civilian companies that want to work in Ukraine – it is really nice that some want to conquer the Ukrainian aviation market, even despite this situation. We are a big country, we need air connections not only with other countries but also within the country."

Details: Ihnat says that there is also the issue of insurance: it is quite complicated to insure the lives of citizens in a warring state where missiles fly overhead.

The practice of Israel, a country that can completely cover its territory with air defence systems, cannot be applied to Ukraine either since we have a very large territory, Ihnat said.

Asked about the idea of opening the airport in Uzhhorod for flights, where the runways are on the territory of Ukraine, but the planes actually fly into the airspace of Slovakia, and the Russian Federation will not dare to attack the NATO country, Ihnat said that theoretically nothing will prevent Russia from using its notorious modus operandi; it can declare that "Western equipment crosses the territory of the airfield" and hit the runways.

Quote: "Missiles of various types are flying from everywhere, the enemy is powerful, and has highly technological weapons. Of course, we really want aviation to work, but we have blocked airspace over Ukraine now, and I think it will not be opened anytime soon."

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