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Russians spread disinformation about ship inspection and warning shots in Black Sea

Sunday, 13 August 2023, 21:41
Russians spread disinformation about ship inspection and warning shots in Black Sea

InformNapalm, an international intelligence community, says that the Russians have lied that the inspection of the Sukru Okan cargo ship in the Black Sea was successful, and that warning shots were fired.

Source: InformNapalm

Quote: "As per the objective control data provided to InformNapalm by the sailors of one of the vessels who observed this event from a distance, the Russian Ministry of Defence lied that the inspection of the vessel was successful.

The sailors said the Sukru Okan did not comply with the demands of the Ruscists to stop the ship, but simply temporarily changed its course towards the coast, the territorial waters of Türkiye.

There were no helicopters and no warning shots. There were only Russian threats on the radio. There was a Turkish crew on board the Sukru Okan, who ‘did not give a sh*t’ about the threats and did not obey. Therefore, the Ruscists’ reports about the ‘successful inspection’ of the ship were untruthful."


  • The Russian Ministry of Defence claimed that in the small hours of 13 August, a Russian ship opened "warning" fire on the Sukru Okan, a bulk carrier which was heading for the port of Izmail in Odesa Oblast, Ukraine, under the flag of Palau.  
  • After the carrier supposedly did not respond to the so-called demands to stop for inspection for the transportation of prohibited goods, the occupiers opened supposedly "warning" fire and also took off a Ka-29 combat helicopter with a group of soldiers.
  • According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, the Russian military boarded the vessel and conducted a so-called "inspection", after which the Sukru Okan continued its journey to Izmail.

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