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Belarusian border guards complain about "provocations" by Ukraine again

Saturday, 26 August 2023, 19:55

On Saturday, the State Border Committee of Belarus announced another "provocation" from the territory of Ukraine; as is known, the Belarusian regime gave its territory to the Russian Federation for attacks on Ukraine.

Source: BelTA, a Belarusian Lukashenko-aligned news outlet, citing Belarusian state border guards’ statement

"Elements of military uniforms" were found on one of the border posts in the Mazyr District of Gomel Oblast (bordering Ukraine's Chernihiv Oblast) on Friday, 25 August, the State Border Committee of Belarus said.

Quote: "From the traces left, it is clear that an unknown person crossed the border from the Ukrainian side. Based on this fact, the Belarusian side has started an administrative process," BelTA quotes.

Belarusian border guards have traditionally called the actions of the alleged Ukrainian side "nothing but useless and senseless attempts to provoke an appropriate reaction."

Background: In July, the State Border Committee of Belarus announced the interception of a drone that allegedly crossed the border from Ukraine.

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