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Ukrainian arms manufacturer resumes production of artillery systems after relocation

Thursday, 31 August 2023, 16:44

The Ukrainian armament manufacturer Ukrainska Bronetekhnika (Ukrainian Armoured Equipment) has fully resumed the production of mortars of different calibre and has supplied the Defence Forces of Ukraine with over 600 pieces since the beginning of the year.

Source: press service of the company

Since the beginning of the Russian full-scale war against Ukraine, a part of production capacities in the east of Ukraine have been captured by the Russian occupiers.


"We have found a way to resume manufacturing cycles, conduct qualification testing and launch the production of 60-mm, 82-mm and 120-mm calibre mortars at the relocated facilities," Vladyslav Belbas, CEO of the company, explained.

Ukrainska Bronetekhnika stresses that the production has not only been resumed, but has also considerably increased the manufacture scale of artillery weapons needed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine compared to the period before the full-scale war.

Different institutions are being supplied equipment by the company using both state financing and the funds of charity organisations.


  • At the beginning of July, the German concern Rheinmetall announced its plans to within the next 12 weeks open a plant that would produce ammunition, tanks and other armoured equipment.
  • The Turkish Baykar company has begun construction of a plant that would produce Bayraktar combat drones in Ukraine.

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