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Former US president tells story of Putin insulting his dog

Saturday, 9 September 2023, 23:13

Former US President George W. Bush has told a story that helped him better understand the personality of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Source: Former US President during the Yalta European Strategy forum, held on 8-9 September in Kyiv, as reported by European Pravda

Details: George W. Bush commented on the famous story when Putin told him about his cross, after which the former US President said he looked into his eyes and saw his soul.


"That was at the beginning. If I had looked into his eyes at the end of my presidency, I would have seen something different. He was infected with power and the lust for money," Bush, Jr. said.

The former US president recalled another story which helped him develop an understanding of Putin.

"He saw my terrier and said: 'Is that even a dog?'. Then, in Moscow, he offered that I see his dog. I agreed, and he pointed to a huge dog, saying it could easily cope with mine. I was surprised and said it offended me. To which Putin only asked: 'Why?", Bush, Jr. said.

The former US president believes this story is also highly indicative of Putin's nature.

"He is always looking to prove his strength. But he saw Russia as a weakened state, and so he felt resentful of the whole world," said Bush, Jr.

Commenting on the war in Ukraine, George W. Bush admitted that support for Ukraine might decline after the US presidential election.

"There are isolationist tendencies in both parties. Therefore, someone must explain to Americans why Ukraine is so important. Should Ukraine fall, what will be the fate of its neighbours, particularly Poland or Romania?", he said.

The former US president also believes that Washington has no right to impose peace terms with Russia on Kyiv: "The US may advise, but not impose its idea of peace."

"And finally, I have something else to say. Glory to Ukraine! And stay strong," he said.


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