Congress to approve additional aid for Ukraine and Israel by Christmas

Sunday, 19 November 2023, 20:15

Leaders of the US Congress hope to mobilise the voices for additional aid for Ukraine and Israel, as well as for the improvement of the immigration system, by Christmas.

Source: news story aired on the NBC News TV channel, as reported European Pravda

Details: Chuck Schumer, the Senate majority leader, has made it clear that approving the additional aid will be a priority for him between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

He stressed that American lawmakers would start working on the bills about the aid for Ukraine and Israel, as well as on the immigration package, which must facilitate resources for border security.

Michael McCaul, Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, who is an ardent supporter of financing Ukraine and Israel, regularly gets in touch with Michael Johnson, spokesperson of the Chamber of Representatives, concerning the additional aid.

McCaul has recently returned from a trip to Israel and stated that the Israeli leaders insist that the US supply Israel with necessary aid as soon as possible.

A source in the Committee told NBC News that McCaul regularly gets calls from the Israeli and Ukrainian leaders who are growing more and more worried that critically important support from the US may never arrive.

Four sources in the Senate told NBC News, that the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is decisive, and that there is a growing concern among both Republicans and Democrats that if the schedule is postponed until New Year, the chances to adopt all four points of the plan – the aid for Ukraine, Israel and Indo-Pacific region, as well as border security – will decrease drastically.

"My best guess is that [the aid for] Israel will be adopted separately, and [the aid for] Ukraine [will be voted for] jointly with the progress on the border," one of the lawmakers said.

Earlier, it was revealed that Republicans threaten to block the allocation of the aid for Ukraine in Congress if it does not include the decision about the security of American borders.  

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden signed a short-term government funding bill to avoid a government shutdown. This bill does not include funding to support either Ukraine or Israel.

The bill about expenses does not include the White House’s appeal for more than US$106 billion, which includes the aid for Israel and Ukraine.

It was reported that the combined package of bills, which includes aid to Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan and border security, is to be considered in the Senate after Thanksgiving, which will be celebrated in the US on 23 November.

Republican Congressman Don Bacon said that the House of Representatives already knows what to do with the bill on aid to Ukraine, as well as how much money they want to allocate to Kyiv. In his opinion, the consideration could take place in December. 

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