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US Senate fails to vote for aid for Ukraine

If Putin takes Ukraine, American troops will be fighting Russian troops Biden

US announces new package of military assistance to Ukraine worth US$175 million

Four Russian soldiers charged with torturing American citizen in Ukraine by US Justice Department

US Secretary of State: Senate would open Pandora's box of aggression if it does not approve aid for Ukraine

​​​​US congressmen explain what was discussed at closed briefing on support of Ukraine

Ukraine has plan, but faces huge risk of losing war with Russia without US help

Biden calls possible refusal to support Ukraine "absolutely crazy"

Ukraine's Defence Minister explains why Zelenskyy cancelled briefing in US Senate

Ukrainian delegation meets with US House Speaker

US Senate presents US$111 billion finance package with aid to Ukraine and Israel

US Senate Republican leader to advocate voting against aid to Ukraine

Ukraine works at all levels for US Congress to approve additional funding Ukraine's Foreign Minister

Zelenskyy abruptly cancels online briefing for US senators

Congress explains why aid to Ukraine is linked to US borders' protection

US to provide Ukraine with thousands of tonnes of metal for power facility protection

US Senate schedules vote on assistance to Ukraine

Militants attack US military base in Syria with 15 rockets

Zelenskyy to address US senators during closed briefing

It's a tough situation, but Ukrainian forces continue to make progress US State Department

Voting against funding for Ukraine supports Russia White House

Things didn't go according to plan, Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief had to change tactics WP on counteroffensive

White House to Congress: Funds allocated for Ukraine to run out this month

Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhnyi asked Pentagon chief for 17 million rounds of ammunition

Politico: Pentagon says it lacks capacity, in part because of support for Ukraine and Israel

Ukrainian President's Office chief briefs US National Security Adviser on weapons requests from soldiers on contact line

Pentagon says where Putin is wrong

US pressures three countries over Russian oil sanctions Reuters

US sanctions companies that helped Russia profit from oil

US aims to halve Russian energy income by 2030