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Polish border guards block entry of petrol tankers and humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Monday, 20 November 2023, 12:24
Polish border guards block entry of petrol tankers and humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Humanitarian aid from the Red Cross has not reached Ukraine due to the refusal of Polish border guards to let it through. Tanks containing oil products and other hazardous substances have overflowed car parking lots and roadsides.

Source: Ukrinform

Details: Taras Svitlyk, a representative of a Lviv-based transport company, has said most of the company's trucks are stuck at the border, specifically 24 tent lorries and eight fuel tanks.


"We discussed this with the Polish police in Korczowa, and they understand the danger, as the car parking lots are heavily overloaded with various specialised vehicles carrying petrol, gas, and various hazardous substances. This might be an emergency situation should it explode. The Polish police realise this but shrug their shoulders and say they have no influence on it," Svitlyk noted.

There is also a large number of UPG, WOG, and SOCAR tanks on the Polish T94 road, Svitlyk added.

The representative said major oil traders in Ukraine have reserves, so Ukrainians will not face a fuel shortage.


Polish border guards say they are primarily letting in flammable lorries and those carrying perishable food and humanitarian aid for Ukraine, but Ukrainian drivers state otherwise.

"In particular, two lorries from [the city of] Ivano-Frankivsk carrying humanitarian aid from the Netherlands were sent to the 'standby' by border guards at the Korczowa-Krakivets checkpoint and put in a 'live' queue. They have been waiting for the fourth day to take the medical equipment to [the cities of] Kropyvnytskyi and Lubny," the statement said.

Background: Due to Polish hauliers blocking the operation of checkpoints on the border with Ukraine, there are currently around 2,900 trucks in queues in three directions.

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