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UK wants to receive German Taurus missiles so it can increase Storm Shadow provision to Ukraine

Saturday, 9 March 2024, 15:06
UK wants to receive German Taurus missiles so it can increase Storm Shadow provision to Ukraine
Taurus missile. Stock photo: Getty Images

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron has suggested that Germany should exchange Taurus missiles for British Storm Shadows so that Ukraine can be provided with long-range weapons.

Source: European Pravda, citing Cameron in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung

Quote: "We are ready to consider all options to achieve maximum impact for Ukraine."


Details: Cameron’s idea is that Germany could supply Taurus missiles to the UK, and in turn, the British government would provide Ukraine with additional Storm Shadow missiles. 

"We are determined to work closely with our German partners on this issue, as we do on all other issues, to help Ukraine," said Cameron. 

He said, however, that he "did not want to disclose details and let our opponents know what we intend to do".


Cameron dismissed concerns that the supply of cruise missiles could lead to an escalation of the war in Ukraine. 

"It is absolutely possible to put restrictions on the use of these weapons to ensure that they do not contribute to escalation in any way," he said. 

Cameron emphasised that the UK trusts the assurances given by Ukraine and added that London is satisfied with the agreements reached.

"Otherwise we wouldn't be doing this," the foreign secretary noted.


  • Handelsblatt reported at the end of January that the UK had offered Germany an option to deal with Berlin's reluctance to provide Ukraine with long-range Taurus cruise missiles.
  • The idea is that the UK or France could receive Taurus missiles from the stocks of the German Armed Forces. Paris and London could then send more of their own cruise missiles, which they are already supplying, to Ukraine.
  • Spiegel reported, citing sources, that Germany is considering getting involved in supplying cruise missiles to Ukraine if an exchange of missiles with NATO allies takes place.
  • However, German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius stated at the time that he was unaware of any proposal from Britain regarding a missile exchange.

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