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German Chancellor provides another reason why he refuses to supply Taurus missiles to Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman says Germany "not completely denazified"

Russian propagandist lists German bridges Russia could hit "in return for Crimean Bridge"

Russian foreign ministry summons German ambassador after interception of Taurus missile discussions

Leak of conversation between German officers is part of Putin's information war – German Defence Minister

German opposition calls for investigation into leak of officers' conversation about Ukraine

Senior German officials confirm authenticity of officers' WebEx recording – WSJ

German Defence Ministry confirms that its Air Force officers' conversation was intercepted

Bundestag wants explanations for Russia's alleged interception of German generals' conversations

Russia claims German generals discussed blowing up Crimean bridge: Berlin to investigate

Bloomberg: the UK pressures Germany to send Taurus missiles to Ukraine

German Foreign Minister draws parallels between Putin's actions in unrecognised Transnistria and Ukraine

German Chancellor gives new reason not to give Taurus missiles to Ukraine: It could hit somewhere in Moscow

Germany models scenario of possible attack on NATO

New military aid package from Germany: artillery shells, drones and demining vehicles

Spiegel: Germany in talks to persuade India to sell aid to Ukraine

Zelenskyy believes Ukraine will achieve results in Taurus missile negotiations

German foreign minister arrives in Odesa

Half of Germans support West's reliance on military power to counter Russian aggression

Bundestag approves proposal on long-range weapons for Ukraine, Taurus missiles not mentioned

Bundestag fails to vote on resolution to provide Ukraine with Taurus missiles

Bundestag to hold debate on providing Ukraine with Taurus missiles

Russia's war against Ukraine has cost Germany over €200 billion

Polish government fears they are losing German market because of Ukrainian grain

Second Ukrainian stabbed in Germany dies in hospital

Germany prepares plan to transfer long-range systems to Ukraine; Taurus not mentioned

Failure to help Ukraine could harm US economy – German defence minister

New military aid from Germany: Armoured personnel carriers, artillery munitions, drones

Text of security agreement between Ukraine and Germany posted

Ukraine and Germany forge security cooperation agreement