Russians place abducted Ukrainian children on adoption sites

Tetyana Oliynyk — Wednesday, 12 June 2024, 20:09

Russian adoption websites have posted information about at least four Ukrainian children abducted by the Russians during the first months of the full-scale invasion.

Source: Financial Times (FT)

Details: Children ages 8 to 15 are listed as missing in the Ukrainian database, but their Ukrainian provenance is not revealed on the Russian website. In addition, the Russians altered the names and ages of some children. Thus, they gave one child a new Russian name and a different age, while the other had his name changed to a Russian version.

The children tracked down by the FT ended up in Tula, near Moscow, and Orenburg, near the Kazakh border. One of the kids was relocated to temporarily occupied Crimea.

Evidently, children were taken from state orphanages in Ukraine's occupied south and east, but they all have relatives and guardians. They did not know about the whereabouts of the children and refused to comment for fear of jeopardising their safe journey home, the FT notes.

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