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Ukraine brings back 11 more children from Russia and occupied territories – photo

Two more children brought back to Ukraine from occupation

Ukraine brings back 2 children deported to Russia

Young man deported from Mariupol by Russians is brought back to Ukraine

Ukraine liberates 3 more children from Russian occupation

3 more children brought back to Ukraine from Russia and occupied territories – photo

Up to 800,000 Russian citizens have arrived illegally in Crimea during its occupation

Ukraine brings back 387 children abducted by Russia out of almost 20,000 – photo

Russian-abducted Mariupol teenager Yermokhin comments on attitude towards him in Russia

Occupiers announce "evacuation" from Nova Kakhovka

Eight children return to Ukraine from Russian occupation

Russians to release six more deported Ukrainian children under Qatar's mediation – WP

Abducted girl "adopted" by Russian politician has brother, his location unknown

10-month-old Ukrainian child abducted to Russia had her name changed

Russians prepare new lists of Ukrainian children for deportation

Zelenskyy comments on deported young man’s return: There were many attempts to help him

Teenager who had been deported to Russia from Mariupol comes back to Ukraine

Ukrainian teenager from Mariupol whom Russians called up is sent to Belarus

At least 2,442 Ukrainian children have been taken to Belarus – investigation

Teenager Yermokhin, deported from Mariupol to Russia, will soon be in Ukraine

Teenager from Mariupol called up in Russia asks Zelenskyy to bring him home

17-year-old boy deported from Mariupol is called up in Russia

Coalition to help bring back children abducted by Russia is proposed at meeting in Malta

Several children deported by Russians brought back to Ukraine

Tried for 76 days: grandmother saves grandson deported by Russians

Ukraine managed to bring back another child

Ukraine brings back 4 deported children from Russia through Qatar, tests new scheme

Man looking for Ukrainian children is tortured in Crimea

Belarus holds meeting between foreign diplomats and children deported from Ukraine

Three Crimean Tatar political prisoners transferred from Crimea to Russia