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Leap into past: Russia will try to reproduce 2000s-era Western microchips by 2028

Monday, 1 July 2024, 15:30
Leap into past: Russia will try to reproduce 2000s-era Western microchips by 2028
Stock photo: Getty Images

The Russian government has set a goal of reproducing Western microchips from the mid-2000s by 2028.

Source: Russian online newspaper The Moscow Times

Details: The Russian government has set 2028 as the deadline for launching mass production of 65-nm microchips in the country. This task has been entrusted to the Zelenograd-based Mikron company, part of the Element group of companies.


In 2011, Mikron reached an agreement with the French-Italian component manufacturer STMicroelectronics to commence production of these microchips. However, in 2014, cooperation was suspended following the sanctions imposed on Russia due to its annexation of Crimea, says a source in the microelectronics market.

At present, Mikron produces semiconductors based on 180-90-nm process technologies. This technology makes it possible to produce microchips for transport cards, Internet equipment, and a narrow range of general-purpose processors.

However, 65-nanometer processors were first developed in 2005, with mass production by leading global microelectronics manufacturers like Intel, AMD, IBM, and others starting in 2006-2007. As of now, global semiconductor manufacturers – for example, Taiwan's TSMC – have advanced to mastering the 2-nanometer process technology.



  • Japan has imposed trade restrictions on Chinese companies as part of a new round of sanctions against individuals and groups supporting Russia's war against Ukraine.
  • The United States sharply expanded sanctions against Russia, including those against Chinese companies that sell semiconductors to Russia.

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