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The identity of the Ukrainian hetman Ivan Mazepa and the appropriation of his legacy by the Russians

Friday, 12 January 2024, 17:46

In the second episode of the documentary narrative podcast 'Why Do They Steal?,' we explore the legacy of the Ukrainian Hetman Ivan Mazepa. We delve into the ongoing lack of understanding of the significance of this historical figure. This episode investigates the russian aversion to anything associated with Mazepa while harboring a desire to appropriate the Hetman’s legacy.

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For instance, the Lev (Lion) cannon, rushed by the russians to become a symbol of their empire, was left uncharged. Or consider the Pigeon Bell, awkwardly rescued and subsequently mishandled, leading to its ultimate breakage. Moreover, we examine why, even after 300 years, the russians can’t get over Mazepa.

The material was prepared with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation. The material reflects the position of the authors and does not necessarily coincide with the position of the International Renaissance Foundation.

Production: 435 FILMS
Showrunners: Kornii Hrytsyuk and Anna Palenchuk
Scriptwriters: Kornii Hrytsyuk and Yurii Marchenko
Producer and Narrator: Anna Palenchuk
Sound Supervisor: Vasyl Yavtushenko
Assistant: Iryna Terletska
Project Coordinator: Olena Kirichek
English Translation: Anastasiia Perun
English Voice-Over: Alina Zevakova, Rob Feldman, Kateryna Hordiienko
English Voice-Over Recording: Pavlo Melnyk, Alla Shmatok
Editors: Oleksandr Vitraniuk, Vadym Stepanov
Podcast Cover Designer: Anton Vasyliev

Ukrainska Pravda:
Head of Podcasts: Fedir Popadiuk
YouTube Manager: Dmytro Moskvych

Guests of the Podcast:
Anton Drobovych
Yurii Boltryk
Leila Ibrahimova
Oleksandr Liubyshko
Ivan Sydor
Yurii Losytskyi
Yevheniia Kuleba
Elmira Ablyalimova
Diana Klochko
Andriy Karnaukhov
Liudmyla Strokova
Maksym Blakytnyi
Olga Kovalevska


Why Do They Steal?

"Why Do They Steal?" is a documentary narrative podcast uncovering the centuries-long theft of Ukrainian cultural treasures by russia. The appropriation of Scythian gold, the heritage of Ukrainian Cossacks, and ancient mosaics and frescoes from Ukrainian cathedrals. Across five episodes, we delve into how these valuables ended up in russian museums and strategies for their potential return.