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Deborah Fairlamb: Why Ukrainians are stronger than corruption

Friday, 24 November 2023, 08:13

"This is the most resourceful country in the world," says Deborah Fairlamb who years ago quit her Wall Street job and moved to Ukraine, a country where she chose to raise her daughter. When Russia launched the full-scale invasion, Deborah, then as an American contractor, was forced to leave. Now, she’s back, having launched Green Flag Ventures, which aims to invest in brilliant Ukrainian tech startups.

With American Joe Lindsley, host of the Land of the Free podcast, Deborah discusses the reality of corruption in Ukraine versus the USA, and she explains why Ukraine, especially in wartime, is a place of innovation and excellence.

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Land Of The Free

American journalist Joe Lindsley, on the ground reporting from Ukraine every single day of Russia's full-scale war, conducts interviews with witnesses of wartime realities and those willing to stand up for the freedom of their land.