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John Sweeney: The fighting spirit of the Ukrainian army is kind of off-planet

— Tuesday, 30 January 2024, 07:04

John Sweeney: "Being in Kyiv, being in Ukraine feels like what it would've been in London or in Britain in 1940 [...] What's happened is that this peaceful democracy has turned out to be full of fighters and full of fights. And it's an honour to tell this story."

John Sweeney has an extensive background in British media, including contributions to the BBC, The Observer on Sunday, The Jewish Chronicle, and Byline Times. These days Sweeney's daily reporting on Twitter provides a real-time account of the situation in Ukraine. In a conversation with American journalist Joe Lindsley he discusses his reporting experience as a witness to Russia's wars on Chechnya, Georgia, Syria and now – Ukraine, his books "Killer in the Kremlin" and "Putin's Prisoner", which gained sudden public attention after Yevgeny Prigozhin's mutiny attempt, and what kind of challenges today's Russia poses to the world.

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American journalist Joe Lindsley, on the ground reporting from Ukraine every single day of Russia's full-scale war, conducts interviews with witnesses of wartime realities and those willing to stand up for the freedom of their land.