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Benya Stewart: The Ohio musician living under missile attacks

— Thursday, 15 February 2024, 17:00

Benya Stewart: "Ukrainian folk tradition is like a thousand feet deep, it's just been this unbroken despite so many attempts of so many different empires and kingdoms. There's this own unbroken chain of culture and once I experienced that – that's another part. It's not just that there's this war and there's this fight for freedom. It's like there's this cultural side. which for me is just invaluable and I want to be learning about it, studying it, participating in it." 

Benya Stewart, an American musician from Ohio, chose to live in wartime Kyiv. Sharing a few of his wartime songs, he speaks with American journalist Joe Lindsley about playing front-line shows, the power of roots music, and life under missile attacks.

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American journalist Joe Lindsley, on the ground reporting from Ukraine every single day of Russia's full-scale war, conducts interviews with witnesses of wartime realities and those willing to stand up for the freedom of their land.