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UK intelligence analyses conviction of former FSB officer Girkin in Russia

Russian pro-war nationalist Girkin afraid of being killed like Prigozhin

Girkin's arrest may anger some in Russian military and propagandists – UK intelligence

Russian security services arrest Russian pro-war nationalist and Putin critic Igor Girkin

Former Donetsk militant leader Girkin-Strelkov detained on tip-off of former Wagner mercenary

"We are heading towards military defeat": ex-leader of Russian militants in Donetsk creates "club of angry patriots"

Former Donetsk militant leader Girkin refuses to fight in Wagner Group after Prigozhin's threats

​​Prigozhin invites "DPR" defence minister to join Wagner Group and use his combat experience

Former Donetsk militant leader Igor Girkin claims he could not fight against Ukraine and returned to Moscow

Important decision, but it is instigators who must be tried – Zelenskyy on MH17 trial verdict

Ex-leader of Russian militants in Donetsk already in occupied part of Ukraine

Igor Girkin may be fighting in Ukraine: $50,000 reward offered for his capture

Girkin was on way to war in Ukraine, but detained in Crimea – Russian channels