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Street in Kyiv may be named after late Ukrainian Interior Minister

Zelenskyy on tragedy in Brovary: How many good people leave us in wartime

Zelenskyy was due to hold Staff meeting with Interior Ministry leadership on day of helicopter crash

Ukraine's Interim Interior Minister to be appointed as early as Wednesday

Zelenskyy on helicopter crash in Brovary: A terrible tragedy

10 people killed in missile attack – Ministry of Internal Affairs

Russian occupation forces plant twice as many mines now as they did in Kyiv Oblast

Up to 270,000 sq km of land in Ukraine will need to be demined: it will take years – Monastyrskyi

Ukrainian intelligence has contact with PoWs from Azov Regiment – Minister of Internal Affairs

Russian forces targeted the Ukrainian armed forces near Gostomel due to data from spies – Monastyrskyi

Not enough explosives technicians: Ukraine calls on the world to help clear its territory of explosives

Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs: Threat of Russian assault on Chornobyl remains

Russians have stolen radioactive items from Chernobyl, which police seized from stalkers

Monastyrskyi: Borodianka is one of the most devastated towns in Kyiv region

Most of the detained infiltrators are citizens of Ukraine - Monastyrsky

All the captives will be held in one place – Monastyrskyy, Minister of Internal Affairs

All captured Russian occupants will be transported and kept in one place.