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Russian coffee shops to switch to low-quality coffee due to rouble collapse

Russians detain people trying to sell Ukrainian currency on occupied territories

Occupiers plan to phase out hryvnia after New Year

Ukrainians under occupation are being lied to that Polish zlotys already circulate in the country’s west

Invaders threaten to ban hryvnia in Kherson region

Occupiers in the South are forced to use hryvnias because Ukrainians won’t accept roubles

Gauleiter of Berdyansk imposes Russian rubles to the people of the town

NBU Eases Foreign Exchange Restrictions

Individuals will be able to buy and sell foreign currency up to the equivalent of ₴150,000 ($6,000) without showing an ID.

National Bank Eases Currency Restrictions

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) extended the deadline for export-import payments and eased the conditions for payments for import contracts

Ukraine a Year From Now: Two Scenarios

The Ministry of Economic Development has forecasted two scenarios of the trajectory of the Ukrainian economy until 2019. The document outlines two scenarios — optimistic, which implies quick reforms in the economic sector with the help of Ukraine’s international partners, leading to 3% GDP growth in 2017, and pessimistic, involving slower reforms, weaker position of Ukrainian goods on external markets, and two times slower GDP growth of 1.5%