For the attention of the Austrian Financial Police. Vienna based companies of Azarov’s wife

Четвер, 30 січня 2014, 05:14

A lie of the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov about the same sex marriage made us start wondering what his family was up to since they were not afraid of sodomy and traveled to much hated Europe.

Last year in December, Azarov, talking in front of forcefully organised Antimaidan crowd, decided to contest all benefits of the European integration. As the head of the executive power pointed out, one of the conditions to introduce a visa free regime was the legalization of the same sex marriage in Ukraine:

-        These so-called (opposition) leaders are telling fairy tales during their public appearances: once the agreement is signed, we will have a visa free travel to Europe. This is not true! We have to fulfill a whole host of conditions. Do you know what kind of conditions? We have to legalise the same sex marriage. Is our society ready for that?

In reality, the list of the EU conditions did not have any mentioning of the same sex marriage. By telling fairy tales to the electorate, (the speech of Azarov was broadcasted by the First National TV Channel), he reached the limit of cynicism.

Moreover, in addition to a lie about the same sex marriage, one can add a fact that Azarov’s family got legalised in Austria, where the same sex marriage is also legalised.

While telling these myths to his electorate, Azarov is trying to avoid any mentioning of the other side of his family life taking place in the calm streets of Vienna. Earlier the author of this piece published articles on the real estate of Azarov’s son in the Austrian capital and on the Ukrainian state’s budgetary support provided to Azarov-junior’s Austrian company.

Neither Azarov, nor his son, who is the People’s Deputy, commented on these examples of double standards. The Prime Minister ignored questions related to Vienna roots both at the press conferences and on Facebook.

Taken the exacerbation of the situation in the country, Ukrainska Pravda figured out that the family of the Prime Minister has a place to flee to – and it is not a depressive town of Slovyansk, represented by Azarov-junior in the Parliament, but wealthy Vienna, where they not only own real estate, but run a fully fledged business.

The head of the Ukrainian government and the leader of the Party of Regions has a single son Oleksiy Azarov, married to Lilia Fathulina, now Azarova. Therefore, Lilia Azarova is the only daughter-in-law of Mykola Yanovych (Azarov).

There is no official information about this lady. Ukrainska Pravda managed to get the autobiography of Oleksiy Azarov, submitted to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) in 2012.

According to this official document, Lilia Azarova has the most popular profession among the wives of the Ukrainian politicians – she is a "housewife". The declaration submitted in 2011, which Azarov-junior was forced to publish on the CEC website , states that during 365 days his wife had not received a single penny of revenue, neither in Ukraine, nor abroad.



I, Azarov Oleksiy Mykolayovych, was born on 13 July 1971 in Kaluga, Russia. I am a citizen of Ukraine and I have been living here since 1985.

Higher education: in 1987-1992 I studied at Lomonosov State University in Moscow, Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Geology.

In 1994 I graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade, Department of International Law, and received a Diploma of a lawyer specialised in international law. In 2001 I defended the dissertation on the Special Features of the Ukraine’s Entrance to the WTO.

Professional activity:

In 1993-1995 I worked as the leading engineer of the commercial sector, and in 1993-1995 – as a deputy Executive Director at the Coordination Council of the heads of enterprises and organisations of Donetsk.

In 1996-1997 I was the head of the Donetsk territorial department at the State Securities and Stock Market Commission.

In 1997 I worked as the leading specialist of the sector on issues of privatization at the Apparatus of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in 1998 I was transferred to take the position of the leading specialist on the issues of privatization and corporate management at the Department on Real Estate, Entrepreneurship and Constructive Policy of the Apparatus of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In 1998-1999 I held the position of the Deputy Head of the Trade and Economic Mission at the Embassy of Ukraine in Finland under the auspices of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Economic Affairs and Trade.

In 2000 I held the position of the Deputy Head of the Trade and Economic Mission of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Swiss Confederation; I was also a part of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine, Department of the United Nations and other international organisations in Geneva.

In 2000-2001 I was the First Secretary, and then a Councilor at the Permanent Mission of Ukraine, Department of the United Nations and other international organisations.

In 2001-2006 I was the Senior Lecturer in law at the College of the Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade.

Since 2007 I have been serving as a Director of the International Fund of Investment Promotion.

I have the 6th rank of the state servant.

Civic activity: since 2012 – a Head of the ‘Nash Region’ (Our Region) civic organisation, a member of the Party of Regions.


Family composition:

Wife – Azarova Lilia Eduardovna, born on 30 March 1976, housewife;

Older son – Azarov Dariy Oleksiyovych, born….2002;

Daughter – Azarova Alyona Oleksiivna, born….2007;

Younger son – Azarov Mykola Oleksiyovych, born….2010.

Residence address: Malopidvalna st.12/10, apt.30, Kyiv 01034.

Contact phone number: (050)…..

Was never involved in a lawsuit.

30 July 2012

Azarov Oleksiy Mykolayovych                                            (signature)

This is an official legend for the electorate of the Party of Regions.

And here is another side of the story.

According to a no less official registry of the legal persons on the territory of Austria, the wife of Oleksiy Azarov is an owner of a whole net of the enterprises on the territory of the Western European country.

The first company is, Publishing Deluxe Holding GmbH, declared to be dealing with publication of the newspapers and magazines.

Ukrainska Pravda received an excerpt on the company owners and its latest balance account. Thus, the daughter-in-law of the Prime Minister is the Director and owner of the 50% of the capital of this Austrian enterprise. The company was founded in August 2011 by a married couple, Aleksandra and Stefan Burgesmeir, and their neighbour in the 18th district of Vienna, Lilia Azarova, joined the company on 1 March 2012.

Not only has she become one of the Directors, she also contributed UAH half a million to the statutory capital of the company (i.e. Euro 50,000). Nevertheless, two months before that, on 31 December 2011, according to the declaration of Oleksiy Azarov, his wife did not receive any income.


Lilia Azarova de-facto saved the Publishing Deluxe Holding GmbH, as in the end of 2011 the company had a negative balance of Euro 49,000. Thus, Azarova’s contribution of Euro 50,000 corrected this situation.

The balance of the enterprise has an interesting reference to ‘Acquired funds’: as of the end of 2011, the document showed Euro 1,206 mln, whereas as of the end of 2012 the sum equaled to Euro 2,114 mln. However, the money was not invested in the assets of the balance, and was indicated as a turnover (Umlaufvermögen) in the form of cash, funds and financial support.

Azarov’s company publishes a ‘Vienna Deluxe Magazine’. It is interesting to see how the publishing house describes the magazine: "Vienna Deluxe Magazine is a glamour Vienna luxury magazine, oriented exclusively on the luxury products, elitist lifestyle and holidays. Our objective is to communicate with an exclusive target group – persons with a very high level of income."

In order to publish this ‘super-luxury’ magazine, the Publishing Deluxe Holding GmbH created a daughter enterprise, Vienna Deluxe Magazine GmbH. The enterprise was created at the same time when Lilia Azarova entered the statutory capital of the parent company. As Vienna Deluxe Magazine GmbH is wholly owned by its parent company, it means that the Prime Minister’s family has a 50% stake in it.

According to the information available at Vienna Deluxe Magazine website, similar magazines for the wealthiest people are published by the holding at the French Riviera, Courchevel, Dubai, Saint-Moritz, Geneva, Zurich, Paris, Munich and South Africa. A part of these magazines is published by another Azarov’s company, Media Deluxe GmbH, wholly owned by the parent company, Vienna Deluxe Magazine GmbH.

Publishing Deluxe Holding GmbH and related Vienna Deluxe Magazine GmbH, as well as Media Deluxe GmbH are located at Singerstraße 16/4, in the premises of the luxurious Broyner Palace. 


Garda Handels und Beteiligungs GmbH is also registered at this address. This company owns the Donetsk based ‘Metalist’ factory, which is also in the sphere of interests of Azarov family: the Prime Minister’s daughter-in-law worked as a Director of this factory until 2012, and the factory was subsidised by the Ukrainian budget.

However, the publication of magazines for the wealthiest and managing companies, owning Ukrainian factories, is not the only area of activity of Oleksiy Azarov’s wife of in Vienna. She is also the sole proprietor of the P 12 Galerie und Kunsthandel GmbH, a company that owns the P-12 art gallery in Vienna located at Parkring 12/Top 12/Top 8.

The previous owner of the gallery was an Austrian lawyer Fridrich Bubla, who is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Austrian company SLAV Handel, Vertretung und Beteiligung AG, belonging to…Kluyev brothers. During these two years the stake of Bubla went from 100% to zero, however he l is still mentioned in a list of the gallery owners.

And now the most interesting part. ‘Coincidentally’, the Vienna office of the Liechtenstein based P&A Corporate Trust headed by Reinhard Proksch shares the same building with the gallery. Reinhard Proksch and his trust were the ultimate owner of the Mezhygirya residence until recently and are still the major stakeholder in the solar business of Kluyev brothers.


During the last weeks all aforementioned companies were within a purview of the Ukrainian activists, who were organising strikes in front of the Vienna offices of Azarovs and Kluyevs, as well as initiated the case to deprive Mr Proksch of the lawyer’s license on the territory of the United States. Besides, after the appointment of the new Foreign Minister of Austria, the Austrian government started paying more attention to the information related to money of the civil servants of the Party of Regions, who use these funds to legalise themselves in the West while telling fairy tales to the electorate in Ukraine.

P.S. During this month the Deputy Oleksiy Azarov did not respond to any questions regarding the Austrian business of his family. The Apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada (the Parliament) refused to provide the last income declaration of Azarov-junior referring to absence of his consent to make this information public.

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