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Iryna Balachuk

news editor of "Ukrainska Pravda"

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Ukraine vows to continue prisoner swaps, says Ukrainian Human Rights Commissioner

Ukrainian Human Rights Commissioner: No definitive confirmation that POWs were aboard crashed aircraft

Ukrainian forces destroy 59 Russian artillery systems and kill 950 soldiers over past 24 hours

Two Shahed drones hit business facility in Kryvyi Rih district, causing fire

Russians attack on 8 fronts, 58 combat clashes occur in one day

Air-raid warning announced throughout Ukraine due to Russian MiG take-off

Russians claim downing of Il-76 plane disrupted prisoner exchange, Ukrainian POW Headquarters issue statement

Russians have damaged every seventh school in Ukraine

Ukrainian forces destroy 61 Russian artillery systems and kill 840 soldiers over the past 24 hours

Russians become more active on Marinka front – General Staff

Firefighters deal with aftermath of evening Russian strikes on Kharkiv – photo

Air-raid warning issued in 6 Ukrainian oblasts as Russia launches missiles

Destroyed apartments, burned cars, broken windows: Aftermath of Russian attack on Kyiv and oblast – photo

Russian strike on Kyiv: 1 person killed, damage in 3 districts, building and vehicles ablaze, unexploded missile in apartment – photo

Russian missile attack on Kyiv: 21 people injured, woman clinically dead – photo

Unexploded missile part found in Kyiv building: evacuation underway

Ukrainian defenders kill 960 Russians and destroy 59 armoured combat vehicles and 51 artillery systems in one day

Russian strike on Kyiv: damage reported in 3 districts, building and vehicles ablaze, unexploded missile in one of the apartments