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Kherson: Bomb Warnings at Eight Polling Stations, Voting Suspended

Sunday, 17 July 2016, 09:34

Explosive devices, either real or hoax, were reported at voting centers in Kherson [Ed.: on July 17, by-elections took place in seven districts of Ukraine], Petro Poroshenko Bloc informs on Facebook, referring to its Kherson regional office.

In particular, ballot stations were allegedly ‘mined’ in the 183rd electoral district in a residential area of Kherson. Members of electoral commissions and constituents had to leave the stations and wait for a security check by special service units.

At the same time, Batkivshchyna press office reports that nine ballot stations were ‘mined’ in Kherson, highlighting that these are stations where pre-election polls gave its candidate, Yuriy Odarchenko, a lead.


"According to police, ‘mining’ was reported by phone. After all the commission members left the premises, ballot papers are either in safe deposits or just on the desks," Batkivshchyna informs.

The party asserts such actions aim at reducing voting turnout, whereas some constituents who had to leave the ballot stations might hesitate to return.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda